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Samia K

Alhamdulilah, 11 years ago I was introduced to someone who would go onto become my marriage coach, my Islamic guide and my mentor.

Nour E

I’ve been working with Ustadha Hedaya Hartford for years now...

Ahmed S

Ustada Hedaya Hartford has provided me with advice and strategies...

Shazia A

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford has helped me in regards to my marriage. My husband and I were struggling with inlaw issues and had been for some time...

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Fawzia M

Ustadha Hedaya's guidance has been the answer to my prayers, alhamdulillah. I've been so lucky to have her as my mentor in everything in life!

Mona G

After having my first child, our intimacy suffered. My husband and I didn't know what to do and it was such a sensitive and taboo topic, that we felt stuck...

Hatim Y

Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha’s sessions are life changing. After only one session, I have become a completely different person...

Jasmine A

I was struggling with negative thoughts, low self esteem which was affecting my relationship with my husband...

Aisha B

Working with Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha has given me the tools I needed to improve my quality of life...

Fatima R

My family and I have had a great experience working with Dr. Ayiesha this summer. Her life-transforming sessions have opened our eyes and widened our horizons...

Duha G

I never enjoyed true happiness till I met Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha...

Sundus R

Before I started the group coaching sessions with Dr Ayiesha, I felt that my marriage of 7 years was really average and okay, there were times of bickering or feeling dissatisfied but generally we were getting on day to day...

Imran A

I was very skeptical when I first started the sessions with Ustadha Hedaya and Dr. Ayiesha. The techniques were new to me and took me out of my comfort zone...

Hasan A

What struck me about Dr Ayiesha and Ustadha Hedaya's marriage coaching is that it wasn't "couple's coaching" where the two sat together and recounted their differences...

Umm Aminah F

Working with Dr Ayiesha and Ustadha Hedaya has had an incredibly positive impact on and greatly improved my relationship with my husband ma sha Allah...

Aly A

I was in a very low state spiritually and mentally when I first started working with MMC. I was extremely pleased at the aggressive approach they took to get to the route of my problems...

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Meet the Coaches

Ustadha Hedaya Hartford

Ustadha Hedaya is the Islamic Law expert of the MMC team with decades of intensive study with some of the most esteemed and renowned scholars of the highest calibre in traditional Islam.

Ustadha Hedaya graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Arabic and Islamic History and Culture from the University of California, Berkeley which set her up for her journey of seeking traditional knowledge that began with the study of the Sacred Law and Sciences in the Middle East.

In Egypt, Ustadha Hedaya studied for over 16 years with Al-Azhar scholars. She completed the second year of Islamic Law at al-Azhar; studied Hanafi fiqh with Dr. Abdul Aziz Izzat and Sheikh Fahmi Abdullah; and studied Aqida with Sheikh Abdul Aziz Batishti.

In Damascus, Syria, for over 7 years, she studied several books in Usul and Hanafi fiqh with Sheikh Hassan al-Hindi; Hanafi fiqh, hadith and hadith sciences with Sheikh Adnan Darwish; Hanafi fiqh with Sheikh Abdul Rahman Arjan; and menstruation and related issues according to the Shafi’i school with Sheikh Hussein Darwish, Anisa Hanan Da’doosh and Dr. Mustafa Khin. 

She has spent over 14 years in Amman, Jordan. There she studied menstruation and related issues according to the Maliki school with Ustadh Abdus Shakur Brooks; she studied Hanafi fiqh with Sheikh Ahmad al-Jammal and tafsir with Sheikh Ali Hani.

She has published five books providing guidance to people in the West on marriage, marriage contracts, menstruation and a girl’s journey into adulthood. Regarding her book “Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage” Imam Zaid Shakir, USA, says “Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, joined from years of study and counseling, Ustadha Hedaya not only identifies the causes of many contemporary marital problems, but she also addresses them with penetrating and practical solutions.”

Ustadha Hedaya spends much of her days researching so that she has a deep well of knowledge, of traditional, Islamic and contemporary life. She also teaches women’s issues online, coaches most days of the week and practices what she teaches. She is dedicated to spreading sound Islamic teachings and coaching people to be their best selves through love of Allah the Almighty, respecting His boundaries and having good character. Ustadha Hedaya has a unique insight into suggesting simple changes to her clients that result in huge, positive transformations in their marriages. 

She lives in Jordan with her husband, Dr. Ashraf Muneeb and 2t2, their much beloved, beautiful blind cat.

Her students have described her as: insightful, generous, wise, witty, reliable, compassionate, devoted, confident, meticulous, inspirational, conscientious, nonconformist, inspiring, encouraging, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, honest, and has common sense.

Doctor Ayiesha Malik

Dr. Ayiesha was born in London and lives in the United Kingdom. She always had a passion for helping people and for physiology, so she went on to study medicine. She graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2005 with a degree in Medicine.

After training at hospital her placements included obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, accident and emergency medicine as well as general practice. She specialized in the latter and qualified as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2013.

As she believes in a holistic approach to healthcare she studied a postgraduate certificate in personalized nutrition as well as acupuncture with the British Medical Acupuncture Society and homeopathy with the Faculty of Homeopathy UK.

Dr. Ayiesha then continued her search to find the best ways to serve people which led her to the realization that ‘the mindset of an individual is the most powerful contributor to well-being’.

This inspired her to study neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, timeline therapy with OPT2XL in 2014 and strategic intervention with Robbins-Madanes Training Centre, the training school of Tony Robbins in 2017. She is the founder and CEO of Islamic Life Coaching. Having grown up in a divorced household herself, she strongly believes in the importance of establishing functional Muslim families as the basis for a strong Ummah. She therefore co-founded Muslim Marriage Coaching along with her respected teacher and coach, Ustadha Hedaya Hartford in an effort to support households to establish peace and harmony as Allah Almighty intended.

Dr. Ayiesha lives in the UK with her husband, Mufti Abu Yusuf who works at Fiqh Council of Birmingham and her four children.

  • MBChB University of Birmingham 2005
  • Qualified as a General Practitioner 2014
  • Primary Care Certificate in Homeopathy 2014
  • Master NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, timeline therapist and NLP coach 2015
  • Acupuncture training with BMAS 2016
  • Strategic intervention 2016
  • PG CERT in Personalised Nutrition University of Middlesex 2017

Her clients have described her as: kind, gentle, positive, encouraging, funny, talented, supportive, humble, life changing, wise, goal orientated, inspiring, open-minded, nonjudgmental, mindful, strong, honest, understanding, motivating, encouraging, and challenges her clients.

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